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specialization.jpg What sets Surveys and Analysis, Inc. apart is specialization.  Gas leak survey is our sole focus.  We understand the importance of compliance schedules and regulatory requirements and meeting them in a comfortable fashion.  Beyond that, we understand that what we do, and how and when we do it, affects our customers' schedules, management, maintenance and repair planning and budgets.

About Us

Surveys and Analysis, Inc. is a national company specializing in gas leak surveys.  In continuous operation for three quarters of a century, S&A has been instrumental in not just meeting, but setting the standards of our industry.  With ongoing operations in 11 states, Surveys and Analysis is a turnkey leak survey solution.

Whether your company is exploring its opportunities for comparative options to your current contractor, looking to supplement your in-house work force or wanting to outsource completely, S&A are the right people to call.  Communication, Coordination, Cooperation - Surveys & Analysis, Inc. has made a science of it and has the experience and expertise to meet your goals.

Partnering with the right company when the decision is made to outsource or change vendors is critical. Surveys and Analysis, Inc. can help you approach the transition with confidence.

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